Design coaching as a foundation for impact

We offer 1:1 customized coaching for teams working on public interest technology. Our experienced coaching team covers all global time zones, and collectively speak more 10 languages.

Our pragmatic approach to capacity-building gives tech changemakers the tools and techniques to dramatically improve the impact of their work. Collaborative goal-setting and a focus on democratizing design knowledge are the cornerstones of our sessions.

We improve projects

Code quality alone doesn’t determine a project’s success. In order for the project to have impact, the target audience needs to be able to find it, understand it, and operate it. We explain and frame the core tenets of usability and UX design in a way that is appropriate for and accessible to teams working on public interest technology.

We transform people

The teams we work with leave sessions with an enhanced understanding of the power of design, as well as the confidence to explore more. They take this into their next projects and teams, becoming and creating allies in making nonprofit technology more impactful.

We change the conversation

The battles we are fighting can’t be won by improving technology or creating more of it. As more tech changemakers understand and leverage the power of design, the norms around nonprofit technology will shift, recognizing design as a must-have for adoption and impact.


This list covers some of our areas of expertise: