If you enjoy mentoring and supporting teams working on public interest technology, we’d love to hear from you!

Superbloom has been offering coaching since it was founded in 2014. Initially, we focused on UX/UI/product related topics. We now offer a broader array of topics – from communications, project management, community management, and fundraising, to graphic design, branding, documentation, and conference presentations.

We’re currently accepting applications for paid coaches. Read on to see if it might be a fit for you.

Our coaching partners

At the moment, most teams we work with are funded by the Prototype Fund, a program of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

About the Prototype Fund

The Prototype Fund supports individuals and small teams in testing ideas and developing open source tools and applications in tech that benefits the public interest. Topic areas often include civic tech, open data, IT security and software infrastructure.

Each six-month Prototype Fund round supports 25 projects, each of which receive up to four hours of coaching from Superbloom. Generally teams opt for two 2-hour sessions, but the projects are allowed to use their four hours of coaching how they prefer.

The Prototype Fund is based in Berlin, Germany and the program is conducted in German. However, if you don’t speak German, nearly all teams are happy to be coached in English.

What we’re looking for

We are especially looking for coaches who:


As a coach, you should be prepared for each session to be different from the last. Some projects come with a long list of discussion points. Others have a very specific project query. Still others need more assurance or help with organising their project. We provide tools and training to guide you in structuring many different types of sessions.

Time commitment and booking system

Generally, you will coach up to four hours/month, often less.