Who we support

We work with teams making technology that is open-source and/or in the public interest.

You could be working on tech projects such as: websites, services, desktop or mobile apps, APIs, infrastructural projects, new organizations, research projects, community initiatives, or more. We’ve worked on projects like this ourselves, and are ready to help in any of these areas.

Topic areas we specialize in include: security, privacy, mis/disinformation, harassment and abuse prevention, decentralization, community best practices, open data, accessibility, and inclusion.

We support teams of all sizes, and we cover all time zones.

Why coaching?

Coaching is a high-impact way to give your team a boost. When you arrange customized, targeted 1:1 sessions with us, we figure out how to get you the techniques and resources you need to move your project forward.

Our coaching team has deep expertise in all aspects of non-profit, open-source, and public interest technology, from design to communication to fundraising. Read about them in the Superbloom CoachingCollaborative. We start the conversation by learning about you and what you need, then allocate the best coach (or coaches) for your project.


Generally, we offer remote sessions of 90-120 minutes focused around a certain need or challenge. Whether we arrange a single session or a series of sessions, our goal is to serve as a thought partner and help you and your team up-skill.

That said, we can create just about any arrangement to match your needs. We can also:

Together, we can determine what you need and design a program around that and your budget.


Once we fully understand your needs, we’ll send you a written offer. (Note: the rate doesn’t depend on the coach(es) you work with; in order to promote equity in our team, we pay all our coaches the same fixed rate.)

As part of this we provide intake and prioritization sessions pro bono.

Once you’ve agreed to get started - depending in the number of sessions you commit to - we invoice up front, or 50% up front and 50% upon completion. If you prefer to pay 100% up front, we offer a 5% discount on the entire package. We also offer discounts for larger coaching packages owing to the lower overheads on our team.